Our Services

On-Call to Serve

How We Perform Our Mission

When we arrive, we will either text or call you to let you know we are starting our duties. We ask that your backyard gate be unlocked on the day of your scheduled service visit for ease of access.
Our services can take 30 minutes or less, depending on the size of your yard and the amount of pet waste. After we have completed all work, we will call or text you to let you know that we are leaving. We will gladly lock your gate if requested to do so.


How We Handle the Waste and Sanitize Our Gear


We use a poop scooper with an attached bag. Once we gather all waste, we will tie it up and take off your property…no need to be concerned about having a stinky garbage can.

We do sanitize our scooper and pan between services with a sanitizing spray commonly used in and recommended by veterinarian facilities. This product kills bacteria and viruses, preventing cross-contamination between services. Boots will be covered with disposable shoe covers that will be removed after each service. Technicians are equipped with water and hand sanitizer to clean their hands.

What to do with Your Pooch

We love dogs and don’t mind if they are in the backyard. However, only you know your pup’s behavior. If they are aggressive or take a while to get used to new people, we ask that they be inside during our visit. If they must be outside, we request a short meeting before providing service. Our team and your pup’s safety is #1 in importance to us. If we do run into a situation where we do not feel safe, we will not perform the service, and you will not be charged.

Monthly Cleanups are as low as $30!


Weather will not be a concern unless there is severe weather in the area. There may be a time when it will be raining too hard to start your scheduled pick-up, but we will do our best to get it done on time.